About us

Our History

Famously owned by the Mecardi Family of Pune back in the 1930's, the store was bought by Mr. Shah in 1934 on a prestigious note.
He was the first person from our community who left Gujarat and came to Pune to explore the business horizons. With his natural ability of connecting with people, he managed to make a lot of friends and connections over a cup of tea. The frequent tea meetings soon sowed the seed of strong and unbreakable relations. When it comes to business, he was an extraordinary businessman who strongly believed in quality, punctuality and customer satisfaction. He was the one who laid the of foundation of Imperial Hosiery which now stands tall in the city of Pune.
We Initially started as a store for clothing materials, hosiery garments, military equipment and woolen products.
By 1936, we had become the super stockist and largest supplier of Liberty shirts and garments.
Till date, we have continued the same uniform and wool business and have added a lot of different products of the latest brands to keep up with the market's requirements.

Mr. Shah always used to say: "These are all my kids going to school so my kids should wear the best uniforms", which is why he used to believe in Quality at the most reasonable prices.
We, 5 generations later, believe in the same fundamentals set by our forefathers.
•Customer Service
•Value addition to the society
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Imperial Schools Logos

"Trust cannot be bought, it has to be gained" - Unknown
Which is why over multiple years, we have maintained and continue to maintain trust from the most prestigious schools in Pune:
• The Bishop's School
• St. Paul’s
• St Anne’s
• St Mary’s
Making us the official supplier for their uniforms for more than 100 years

Our Future

Our Vision

We not only want to be the best in class uniform store for all major schools in Pune, but also be a leader in the new segments and upcoming fashion and designs.
Imperial Hosiery envisions leading the category towards a global perspective, beyond cultural and ethnic sensibilities.
This means new sections, new products and new concepts for the world citizen.
Creating, enhancing, nurturing, inspiring and ornamenting Respect.

Our Mission
To dilate our customer base and fulfil the requirements of all while providing an impeccable confluence of quality and affordability fabricated with the robus t essence of strong legacy.

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Imperial Staff
Our Team

We have our own set of manufacturing units that work effortlessly to ensure upmost finishing and quality of our products and also be in fashion as per the market requirements.
We have an an amazingly wonderful team of designers, tailors, and staff.
We love them for their craftsmanship, art, hard work, honesty and the enthusiastic energy to work with us as we plan to change the industry positively!
Our staff is extremely courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. We will readily answer any queries or questions that you may have.